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Unisol Solar & Electrical is committed to providing you with quality solar panel installations in Fremantle and the Perth Metropolitan Area. We deliver a personal service with tailor-made solar power solutions to suit your needs.
Not sure about the cost vs benefit of solar power? Our solar experts are happy to explain what you can expect based on your energy needs.
We will always ensure your solar panel system is the most financially viable option. We can also help you finance your solar installation – ask us when you get in touch.

Unisol Solar & Electrical

The Solar Company Fremantle Trusts

Our customers’ experience is our priority; therefore, we deliver honest and quality advice on solar power products and services.  Our team is known for providing a personalised service tailored to you and your home or business energy requirements. We are a family-owned and operated solar company in Hamilton Hill, proudly serving Fremantle and the Perth Metropolitan Area.

Our Director and lead electrician, Colin, has over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, including residential and commercial solar projects. He has a firm grasp of solar design and installation and a genuine passion for sustainability. His desire to create a quality service with high-quality solar products, whilst making a positive contribution to a more sustainable future, has led to the creation of Unisol Solar & Electrical.


Trust the best when getting your solar panels in Perth. Unisol Solar offers solar panel installations, batteries and micro inverters to help you lead a sustainable life with renewable energy. With a genuine passion for renewables, Unisol experts offer great products and use updated and good installation practices to offer you the best services.


What Locals Are Saying...

"Just received our first electricity bill since having the 3kW system installed! Needless to say we are extremely happy with the savings.Thanks Colin and Unisol."
"I contacted Colin on the recommendation of a friend, to install a solar system. Colin was exceptional to deal with, efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable."
"Colin did a great job installing our solar. Went above and beyond with handling all aspects of the job. We recommend his workmanship and attention to detail."
"Great work, great work, Colin and Brandon , we are pleased with the installation, cost, great guys for the installation and tidy. Highly recommended for solar."
"We used Unisol for an electrical install at Stomp Coffee in North Perth. The guys did a great job and got it us over the line on a tight timeframe."

What to consider when planning on getting solar installations

Before getting a solar installation, it is necessary to consider how much roof space you have and the layout of the roof.

It is crucial that we set up the Photovoltaic (PV) system that best meets your requirements. We can size the system to maximise savings by analysing your recent power bills to determine your daily habits of power usage. By including a battery to store excess power for use at night or when the sun is not shining, more savings are possible.

Easy installation of solar panels with Unisol

Getting solar panels installed is now easier than ever. Make maximum use of renewable energy in three simple steps. 

Call us for a consultation

When you get in touch with us, our experts examine your space and requirements to design the best-suited solar system for you. 

Trust us with the process

From helping with government incentives to building the system that is ideal for your home, we will effectively handle the entire process. 

Get your solar panels installed and enjoy renewable power

While installing solar panels, our fully accredited and licenced electricians take great care to install the panels accurately and in accordance with government guidelines.

Our committed after-sales assistance is always available for you as you enjoy living a sustainable lifestyle.


A step towards a sustainable future

Around 20 metric tonnes of carbon emissions are produced annually by the typical Australian home. And a two-person family can cut its annual carbon emissions by three to four tonnes by installing a solar system.

Our objective is to assist you in choosing the solar solution that will save you the most money, lower your carbon footprint, and enable you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Reducing the energy bills

By utilising the sun’s free energy, solar is a terrific method to gain local energy savings.

Save money on your hot water energy use by switching to a heat pump powered by your excess solar. Install a PV system to supply electricity to your home, and utilise a battery to supplement this system by storing extra energy for use at night or when the sun isn’t shining.

With Unisol, you receive unbiased guidance on the appropriate system for your needs. 

Enjoy Government rebate in your area

The Government has added solar hot water and PV as eligible technologies for Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which are tied to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. This is fantastic news for households and commercial solar as they can get many incentives.  STCs are now valued up to $1,000 for a standard solar heat pump and between $2,700-$9000 for a residential solar PV system, though their value can change depending on the market. When systems get bigger in commercial applications, the incentives also rise dramatically. These incentives are typically paid as a point-of-sale discount, considerably reducing the upfront cost of going solar. 

At Unisol, we can give you all the details you want during a free on-site solar evaluation and are always available to assist you with any queries. 

Increase the value of your property

Most Australians consider properties with solar power to be more desirable than those using conventional sources of electricity. It stands to reason that a home with PV or a solar-powered heat pump would be more marketable than a comparable building that is less energy efficient or environmentally friendly. This research is supported by numerous studies conducted both here in Australia and around the world. 

Install your solar panels with Unisol today and increase the value of your property. 

Investing in a stable future

Switching to solar energy not only results in immediate savings but also in peace of mind because your power bill won’t vary drastically with fluctuating electricity rises over time. It helps you build a predictable and secure power future. 

Great returns on investment

With decreased power bills, installing a solar panel offers great returns on investment (ROI). You can expect to pay off the cost of the solar system in three to four years and anticipate a 500% ROI in twenty years. 

Minimise reliance on the grid with battery storage

Your dependency on the grid could drop to as low as 5% if you store a significant portion of the electricity your solar panels produce with solar batteries. The payback period for a well-designed solar and battery storage system is also less with a lifelong enjoyment of solar energy. 

Get in touch with us to get your solar panels in Perth.