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We are committed to providing you quality solar installations. You are our first priority therefore we deliver a personal service with tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. 

Not sure about the cost vs benefit of a solar installation? Not a problem! We are happy to explain what you can expect based on your personal home and energy needs. Most importantly, we will always ensure your system is the most financially viable one for you. We can also help you finance your installation – just ask us when you enquire.

our story

Our customers’ experience is our priority therefore we deliver honest and quality advice on installations.  We provide a personalised service tailored to you and your home/business’ energy requirements. We are a family owned and operated business therefore we keep all of our services in-house.

 Colin is a UK born
electrician with over 20 years experience in a wide-range of areas, including both residential and commercial projects. He has
 a passion for sustainably focused industries and a firm grasp on solar design and installation. His desire to create a quality service with quality products whilst making a positive contribution to a more sustainable future has lead to the creation of 

Unisol Solar & Electrical.


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