Why Solar?

6 Reasons To Install Solar


Energy prices are rising, meaning higher costs for the consumer. A solar installation will start saving you money immediately.

Depending on the amount of energy your solar panels generate, you may save more money through the solar feed-in tariff.


Government rebates for installing solar panels are still available in Fremantle and Perth, so save some money now and take advantage of this Government scheme.
Read more about solar rebates here:


On average, Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital city – so it pays to install solar in Perth!

Take advantage of our sunny location and let the sun make money for you by installing a solar power system on your Fremantle or Perth home or business.

Increase PROPERTY Value

Solar panel systems improve both the rent-ability and selling potential of your home in Fremantle or Perth.
Tenants and home buyers consider energy efficiency as it provides both long term comfort and financial benefits.

Hassle-Free Installations

As an accredited solar business, Unisol Solar & Electrical handles your design, installation and paperwork.
We will submit all applications to WesternPower and Synergy, as well as STC solar rebate paperwork.

Reduce Footprint

Installing a solar panel system in Fremantle or Perth reduces your reliance on dirty fossil fuels.

Give our planet a big hug, and choose the greener way to power your home – with Unisol Solar & Electrical.