Save with Solar

Take advantage of instant savings with Solar in Australia’s sunniest capital city! 

Government Subsidy

The current government incentives offer rebates based on STCs (small-scale technology certificates). These are calculated based on the type of system, installation dates (as rebate rates are variable), and the power output of your system (kW). Currently there are currently 13 years remaining on this scheme, although it is uncertain how long these government funded rebates will continue. For more information visit:


On average, a 5 kW residential system will receive a government rebate of $4,000. Commercial systems can receive up to $60,000 (100 kW). These rebates require an approved installer and use of approved solar panels and inverter systems. As an approved installer, we will handle all of your paperwork – for a no hassle rebate.



Feed In Tariff

This involves you selling your excess energy back to the grid at the current cost of 7cents per unit, offering you additional savings. For example, you can save $1,200 over 5 years based on an excess of 10 units per day ($255.50 per year).

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